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join hipSwan's consumer advisory panel

what's it all about?

The Consumer Advisory Panel is a special group of "insiders" with whom we share information about upcoming products, new business directions, and more.

We depend on the panel for candid feedback and it's one of the reasons that hipSwan is a different kind of business, intensely focused on our customers.

The information we share may be TL;DR for most people but we're happy to be transparent about our journey and what lies behind the decisions we make in the business. In return we would hope for your active participation.

what are the benefits?

In addition to the warm feeling you'll get from knowing that you're helping to build a great brand, we regularly distribute perks (gift cards, lucky draws, and product prototypes) exclusively to our panel members.

how do i get involved?

Complete the form below, and you'll be added to our Consumer Advisory Panel email group.

We also maintain a private Facebook group where members of the panel can interact and we can also gauge feedback more regularly. You can choose to be in our email group, in our private Facebook group, or both.

In the email welcoming you to the Consumer Advisory Panel, we'll provide further details about how to join the private Facebook group.

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